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石家庄创新国际学校七年级英语导学案 Class: Group: Name: PAGE 4 主备人:魏琳丽 张朝静 备课时间:2020.5.15 上课时间:2020.5.19 Subject:Test <C+P> 80mins Basic objective:Master the language points in the test. Further objective: Improve the skill of doing exercises. Steps:1. Leading-in 2’ 2. Test 55’ 3. Presentation&Arrangement 23’ Learning process 【学习过程】 Learning method 【学法指导】 Step I Leading-in Explain the time of the test. Step II Test 限时训练。 Step = 4 \* ROMAN III Presentation&Arrangement 1.Check the answer. 2.Explain. 3.Take notes. 抄题在积累本工整整理。 Test(满分100分 优秀85分)得分:__________ I.单选(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分) ( )1.________ man with glasses is our new history teacher. We all like him. A. A B. An C. / D. The ( )2.Can Sally play the piano? ________. She thinks it is easy for her. A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t. C. Yes, she can. D. No, she can’t. ( )3.We learned a lot ______ animals in the zoo. B. with C. about D. for ( )4.--Would you like some tea? ________. A. Here you are. B. Give me some. C. Yes, a little, please. D. Yes, I like. ( )5.________ is it from the train station to the small mountain village? About two hours’ bus ride. A. How long B. How far C. How man D. How much ( )6.There are lots of ________ in my home. A. habits B. hobbies C. rules D. orders ( )7.Sorry, mom. I can’t answer the door. I __________ the fish. A. feed B. fed C. feeding D. am feeding ( )8.Who is your favorite singer, Jack? TF Boys. They are very ________ with boys and girls. A. strict B. popular C. lovely D. interested ( )9.Last summer, I ________ to the beach with my family and I had fun there. A. go B. goes C. went D. to go ( )10.How’s it going these days? ________. A. Not bad. B. You’re welcome. C. Not at all. D. That’s right. II.完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分) Are you a good cook? Last month, I tried it myself. It was _____11_____ April 21. When I came back ho


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