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中考英语重难点 题型一 完形填空.pptx 43页

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题型一 完形填空 ;考情概览;考情概览;微技能1 语境推断;微技能;例1 (2019省卷节选)She walked away  40 . But I didn’t feel like I had to say sorry to her. While I was in bed that night, my husband said to me, “While dealing with a stranger, you were polite, but with the daughter you love, you were unkind. Your daughter brought you some flowers she picked herself. You'll find them in the kitchen by the door. Have you seen the tears in her eyes?” 40. A. sadly  B. happily   C. hardly D. carelessly;剖析:根据节选段落第二段最后一句“Have you seen the tears in her eyes?你看到她眼里的泪水了吗?”可推知此处表示女儿悲伤地走开了。因此sadly符合题意。故选A。;例2 (2019昆明卷节选)A small boy was trying to move a big wooden box out of his yard. The box was much  36  than the boy. He tried his best to move it, but the box would not move at all. 36. A. heavier    B. lighter    C. smaller;微技能训练;Cloze 2(2019玉林节选) As I was on the roadside, a homeless man came near to me and  2  money. I let him know I didn’t have any cash(现金) with me. With a quiet smile on his face, he moved on. ( )2. A. asked for B. looked for C. paid for D. cared for;Cloze 3(2019烟台节选) “Tree planting has become a tradition in China now, ”says Lin Tao. “Almost everyone does it on March 12th. Many people also plant a tree on a  3  day. My parents planted a tree when I started school. ( )3. A. different B. special C. basic D. simple;Cloze 4(2019北部湾经济区节选) When I was in middle school, I felt I was always letting people down. Once I brought my  4  Daisy to my home. I noticed that all my family members seemed to understand Daisy better than me. ( )4. A. daughter B. son C. friend D. uncle;微技能; 逻辑关系主要有:并列关系(and...);转折关系(but, however);顺序关系(before, after, then, finally...);让步关系(although/though, even though/if);因果关系(so, because, for...);条件关系(if, unless...);递进关系(moreover, besides, what’s more, in addition to, as well as...)。;例 (2019曲靖卷节选) 44  my mom is no longer single and our family isn’t poor any more, I am still thankful to


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