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外研版(新标准)英语九年级下册《Module2 Unit 3 Language in use》同步练习试题.doc 9页

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PAGE PAGE 1 M2 Unit 3 一、单项选择 1.Henry has got two bicycles. ________ of them is expensive. A. Neither B. None C. Both D. All 2.—Don't be angry with your kid when he makes a mistake again, will you? —No, I won't. I know that________of us are perfect after all. A.none B.neither C.each D.all 3.The model plane isn't as nice as my partner's, but________ it was made by myself. last least times present 4.Alex believes he will soon be able to play chess as ________ as football. A. well B. better C. best D. the best 5.—How long may I ________ these books? —For a week. A. borrow B. to borrow C. keep D. lend 二、用所给词的适当形式填空 6.Our classroom is as________(big) as theirs. 7.I need lots of________(advice) on English study. 8.After school we also do things like________(learn) to swim and sing songs. 9.Do you do well in________(draw) pictures? 10.I find it easy________(get) on with the old man. 三、根据汉语意思完成句子 11.我每周去公园一次。 I go to the park________ ________ ________. 12.午休时间是从12:00到下午2:00。 The lunch break is________ ________ ________ ________. 13.在我们学校每年都要举行运动会。 The sports meeting________ ________every year in our school. 14.明天我要参加数学和英语考试。 I'll______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______tomorrow. 15.令大家惊奇的是,孩子们能自学如何使用电脑。 ______everyone's______, the children can______ _______ how to use the computers. 四、语法专练 A) 用所给人称代词的适当形式填空 16.—Who is that boy wearing a white hat? —Ben, a friend of________(I). 17.Helping others is helping________(we), so we should try our best to help those in need. 18.Miss Smith put her new dress on, and looked at ________(she) in the mirror. 19.This piece of music can touch not only your heart, but also ________(I). 20.The two girls helped a woman find her lost son on _______(they) way home. B) 选择方框中的介词填空 21.My brother is two metres in height. It's very difficult to find clothes big enough________him. 22.I sometimes help my mom w


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